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Celebrate Grads & Dads: Now Shipping the Perfect Gift to All 50 States

The Signature Box

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Our six most popular flavors in one box: the Doodle, the Gentleman, the Lady, the Oaty Chip, the Cocoa PB, and the Classic.

At Batch & Box, we believe that the joy of giving should be as delightful as the treats inside. That's why we've created the perfect complement to our irresistible cookies – our elevated gift packaging. Perfect for corporate gifts, celebrations, or expressing gratitude.

Each gift box bundle includes a decorative sleeve, a hand-tied bow, and an (optional) written message or a personalized video message.

We believe making moments special is what makes the greatest memories. That’s why we’ve created a revolutionary way to send your heartfelt messages along with our delicious cookies. 

Upload a 30-second video, then add the item to your cart. We will attach your video to a QR code printed on a sticker that is placed on the gift tag attached to the box. When your recipient receives the box, they simply scan the QR code using their smartphone. Voila! Your video message plays instantly, creating a magical and memorable experience.

The Classic The name says it all. If you want a classic chocolate chip cookie, this one will hit the spot! Our signature dough with milk and dark chocolate morsels.

The Cocoa PB - Calling all Chocolate and Peanut Butter lovers! Decadent Dark chocolate dough with warm gooey peanut butter morsels! Contains peanuts.

The Doodle - Batch & Box's version of everyone's favorite cinnamon treat! A traditional snickerdoodle dough with warm cinnamon morsels.

The Gentleman - If you are a pure chocolate lover, this one is for you! A decadent dark chocolate dough with dark chocolate morsels.

The Oaty Chip - A classic reimagined: The Oaty Chip is made with our signature dough mixed with rolled oats and dark chocolate morsels, topped with a pinch of sea salt.

The Pink Lady - The Pink Lady is our best-selling berries and cream cookie featuring real strawberries and white chocolate morsels, then rolled in sugar.

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